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"Thanks for all your help with our Caribbean Tour. El Dorado was splendid! Sebastian is one of the best guides we've ever had!." Jens and Kathy Munthe - Utah
"We had a wonderful trip. Everythign was organized perfectly. Juan Carlos was a great guide and our drivers were fantastic. We wll surely return to Colombia in the future." Janet and Alan Zinn - New York
"I did have a great time in Colombia, Juan Carlos is a fantastic guide. The people at the lodges were so lovely, and Juan so skilled, and the birds so wonderful, that it was all in all a magnificent trip" Jonathan Franzen - author
We had a wonderful time in Colombia it was two of the best weeks of my life”.Ron Hines - New Mexio

EcoTurs Trip Reports

EcoTurs trip reports across Colombia.

Colombian Screech-Owl February 2013 - Endemics Bonanza Tour (Santa Marta Section) plus central Andes extension by Trevor Ellery. The Santa Marta section of the endemics bonanza tour combined with a central Andes extension produced 26 endemics (20 of these being found in the Santa Marta Mountains alone!).
See the report.

White-capped Tanager March 2012 - Colombia Birding Report by Trevor Ellery. Trevor and his group of five managed to see a total of 714 species including 65 endemics in just three weeks! They enjoyed good views of a small selection of mammals and the always welcoming Colombian hospitality too.
See the report.

Crested Ant Tanager September 2012 - Colombia Birding Report by Juan Carlos Luna. Juan Carlos and his group of eight recorded 620 species plus 35 Endemics in 19 days visiting five ProAves bird reserves, two National Parks, two regional Parks, two private reserves and other interesting sites mainly near public roads.
See the report (in spanish).

Tocuyo Sparrow May 2012 - Colombia Birding Report by Trevor Ellery. Trevor and his group of seven recorded 48 Endemics, non endemic species as Choco Vireo, Tocuyo Sparrow, Bearded Helmetcrest among others. A generally good weather, fantastic scenery and friendly Colombian culture, produced a very memorable trip. See the report.

Dusky Starfrontlet March 2011 - Colombia Birding Report by Avery Bartels. EcoTurs birding trips just got better! Avery and his group of five saw 607 species in just 21 days birding days in seven ProAves bird reserves. They also tallied 51 Endemics, 40 near-endemics, plus 32 Threatened species!
See the report.

Cock of the Rock April 2010 - Colombia Birding Report by Trevor Ellery. EcoTurs birding trips are getting better and better. We saw 580 species in just over two weeks birding days including 52 Endemics (a record), 14 Tapaculos, 9 Antpittas, and 8 Owls!
See the report.

Recurve-billed Bushbird birding Jan 2010 - Central Colombia Birding Report by Forrest Rowland. Of all the trips I've led, this was one of the most fulfilling and fun that I can remember. We saw 627 species in 17 birding days including 33 endemic species, 28 near-endemics, and some 76 threatened species across ProAves reserves in Central Colombia. See the report.

Colombia Birding Jan 2010 - Colombian Endemics bonanza birding trip report by Trevor Ellery - outstanding tour across the Eastern, Central and Western Andes, as well as Antioquia and the Magdalena valley before finishing in El Dorado Bird Reserve. This three-week tour recorded no less than 49 endemics and 553 target species. Click here to see more.

Tanager Finch Colombia Birding Nov 2009 - Colombian Endemics bonanza birding trip report by Trevor Ellery. The challenge was simple, 40 endemics or your money back! This fast paced tour visited key sites across central and northern Colombia amassing a staggering 45 endemics in just 17 days. Combined with fantastic scenery, diverse culture and a spectacular array of other wildlife it was a huge success and a truly memorable experience. Click here to see more.

Ruby Topaz Feb 2009 - EcoTurs birding trip report. Birding El Dorado and the Caribbean by Trevor Ellery - This tour focused on seeing great birds at a reasonably relaxed and enjoyable pace around the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with a good mix of endemics and rare species as well birds from a wide range of habitats - arid scrub, coastal wetlands, and lowland to montane forest. Click here to see more.

Robert Giles EcoTurs birding trip report.

Details of a report to ProAves reserves to see the rarest species. Click here to see more.

Robert Giles EcoTurs birding trip report.

Details of a report to ProAves reserves to see the rarest species. Click here to see more.

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